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Perguntas frequentes

Can I watch videos of your ministry?

Yes, you can watch our vidoes by clicking our video on demand link right here on the this website and also by visiting our Youtube Channel (Victorious Saints Deliverance Church) Kindly subscribe so you will know when we release new videos.

What are the weekly services and programs of Victorious Saints Deliverance Church?

Teusday : Moment of Hope on Facebook Live from church Facebook page. 7pm Pacific Time. Wednesday : Healing and Deliverance Service at 7pm Sunday : Worship service at 10am Home bible study every other Monday at 6pm

How can I make a donation to support Israel Jimah World Outreach programs?

You can easily make your donations on our home page and our donation page with any standard credit or debit card from anywhere in the world. We also receive donations through Paypal address : donations@fresnodeliverance.org Within the US and Canada donations can also be made payable to and mailed in to our church office Victorious Saints Deliverance Church Israel Jimah World Outreach Inc. 3760 N First St. Fresno CA 93726

What is Healing Moments?

Healing moments is the radio and television outreach arm of our ministry reaching people with the love and power of Jesus Christ around the world. Presently we reach over 30 million people each week through radio and television in America, Liberia, Pakistan and beyond. Jesus is doing amazing things through healing moments every single week, saving, healing, delivering transforming and building up His people around the world. We organize healing moments rallies from city to city watch for a rally coming to a city near you.

What is Healing Moments Rally?

Healing Moments Rallies are our mobile crusades from city to city where we minister the saving, healing and delivering power of God to precious people. In these rallies Jesus performs great miracles and transforms many lives. Watch out for a rally coming to a city near you.